Pele has received her Senior hunter Title and is
currently training to enter the Master level hunt
tests.    She is 60lbs and runs with high energy and
style.  Pele has a wonderful disposition and is as
comfortable in the house as she is in the field.  Pele
is OFA excellent, CERFed and CNM clear.  All
puppies come with a 30 month hip/eyes guarantee.
Rascal's Super Spud
SC089650 Blk
Waldorf's High Tech
SE900301(12-88) Ylw
Itch's Flying Tiger
SD084054 Blk
Sunnyview's Ironwood Cork MH
SN311571/01 (07-98) OFA24G Ylw
Sunnyview's Royal Coachman MH
SE462789 (09-86) OFA27 Ylw
Sunnyview's Kachina MH
SM971216/01(04-96) OFA31E Ylw
Clinchers Lambourghini Lucy
SE969796 (11-90) Blk
Cedar Hills Uhane O' Pele
OFA LR-135620E25F-PI
CERF LR-36599/2003-25
NFC/FC AFC San Joaquin Honcho
SB366285(08-75) OFA24 Blk
Sunnyview's King Of Spades MH
SE877599(01-91) OFA25E Blk
Sunnyview's Doober's Dandy
SC765539(04-82) OFA25 Blk
Three Sisters Kuikawa Kaika MH
SN310924/04(11-99) OFA35E Blk
Sunnyview's Royal Coachman MH
SE462789 (09-86) OFA27 Ylw
Kelsey Royal Gold JH
SN035454/05(04-96) OFA26F Ylw
Samantha Fourteen K Gold
SM822109/07 (04-93) OFA26F Ylw