Kui  has received her Junior hunter title, going 4
for 4 in junior hunt tests to get her title.  Her high
energy is impressive to watch. Kui also has her
Senior hunt test title qualifying in 4 out of 5 tests.  
She handles easily on blinds.  Her only
non-qualification test was due to her breaking on
a live duck flyer in her face.  Kui's Dam is a puppy
from a previous Cedar Hills Labs breeding.  As
you can tell from her bloodlines, she is a quality
dog.  At 10 weeks of age, she was already
retrieving ducks.  We hope to see her develop into
a fine retriever.  Kui's Hips are OFA Excellent and
she is CERFed and CNM clear
Date of birth November 10, 2003
OFA LR-156494E24F-PI
FC/AFC The Marathon Man
SD632892(05-85) OFA24 CERF98 YLW
FC/AFC Gunstock's Lethal Weapon
SF639767(05-92) OFA30G CERF14 YLW
Nelsons Scotch and Water
SE465757(12-89)OFA37G CERF41 YLW
FC/AFC Yellowstone's TNT Explosion JH
SN180780/01(07-99) OFA 29G OFEL59 CERF88 YLW AKC DNA
FC/AFC Stone's Throw Marion's Choice
SD471579(08-84)OFA25 Blk
Moon River's Cash Kate's Choice
SE872239(05-89) OFA25F CERF108 YLW
AFC Black Golds Candlewood Kate
SC665593(09-83)OFA39 YLW
Cedar Hills Makana O' Kaika's JH,SH
OFA LR-156494E24F-PI  CERF LR44689/2005--25
Waldorf's High Tech
SE900301(12-88)YLW (CAN)
Sunnyview's Ironwood Cork MH
SN311571/01(07-98) OFA24G CERF14 YLW AKC
DNA #V35782
Sunnyview's Kachina MH
SM971216/01(04-96) OFA31E CERF32 YLW
Three Sisters Kelsey's Kate MH
SN759663/01(03-04) OFA25G CERF33 YLW
Sunnyview's King of Spades MH
SE877599(01-91)OFA25E CERF113 BLK AKC DNA #V77248
Three Sisters Kuikawa Kaika MH
SN310924/04(11-99) OFA35E BLK
Kelsey Royal Gold JH
SN035454/05(04-96) OFA26F CERF24 YLW